Making Clothes (I Wish)

Being a designer is not easy. It’s not one of my strong points. Therefore, now that I’m buying fabric to make clothes, I need a reference for the design, techniques, etc. I need all the help I can get!

The thing is, I like sewing. It’s really calming. It’s something I can do to get rid of my anger. And plus, who doesn’t love wearing something and knowing you made it yourself?(NOTE: If you haven’t had this feeling yet, learn how to make something simple. It’s Worth it.) I started off with knitting. Then I took up making jewelry. And now, sewing.

I’d say sewing is pretty harsh. Especially when no one aroung you can teach you the proper skills. But who cares? I love trying new things. I love sitting for hours to make a project. Even if I don’t have to.(As my friengs would tell you, I once spent a whole lot of time making a diorama for school that wasn’t even going to be marked because I wanted to. Hard to believe, huh?) I thrive in this kind of project. I actually kind of like failing. It gives me a chance to retry(not that I wouldn’t anyways) what I did.

If you were me, wouldn’t you try everything, the way I do? I love making stuff. I always learn something, even if I do waste my money.

My Jewlry
My Jewelry

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